Document layout

Layout of your documents, proofreading, correction, writing and follow-up in printing. We offer various services to make your documents attractive, regardless of the format. 

The layout of documents to better convey your message

The layout of your documents should not be neglected: it will represent your expertise in your field of activity and will greatly facilitate the understanding of your readers. 


It is then a question of structuring your textual content by promoting their ergonomics and making the reading path more harmonious. 

In addition to the layout of your content, we offer you a proofreading and correction service, but also to write them as needed. Qualified writers, we can deliver relevant texts that meet the needs of your audience. 

Document layout, proofreading and correction

For easy reading an understandable

Simplify the ergonomics of your documents

The layout of documents is therefore an important element in the development of your content, because it will allow you to facilitate the good understanding of the reader. For this, we have a precise technique and go through well-defined steps such as: 


  • The choice of typography 
  • The choice of colors 
  • The choice of images and their location on the document


As well as anything that can dress up content to make it more attractive and make its formatting more ergonomic. We make sure that the content is well ventilated and structured and that the desired message is well put forward so that your document can be read. Finally, we go through a validation step, even after printing the document, to ensure its consistency, but also spelling and grammar. 


At GeekWorkers, we are able to bring you our expertise on various formats. Official documents, advertising documents, magazine content and others, we have the necessary skills to layout all different documents by adapting to the technical rules that everyone imposes. 


Rules of procedure, internal display or legal documents, we lay out all the content that is necessary for your activity. 

Book of

We offer to proofread, correct and restructure your memoir books to ensure that you deliver quality work. 


Whether for a product or a service, an advertising catalog will be the showcase of what you sell. Take advantage of your expertise for an attractive catalog capable of arousing the interest of your target. 

of use

In order to guide your customers in the use of your product, it is necessary to create an easily understandable guide combining textual structure and graphic design. 


Employment contract, conditions of use or even general conditions of sale, we can format your official documents in such a way as to make them more easily readable and understandable. 


Scientific documents can sometimes be difficult to develop when you want to convey complicated information. Thanks to the writing skills of our professionals, to offer clear and relevant scientific documents, facilitating the reader's journey for their proper understanding. 

Need to optimize your document layout?

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