Video production

Design, story board and editing, GeekWorkers experts create an engaging and dynamic corporate film for your communication!

Imaging of a company's expertise

The corporate film for relevant communication

Story board design and video editing with Geekeworkers

Stimulate the emotion of the public

Promote your brand

Institutional, promotional, animation or 3D video, communicating through video content has the advantage of arousing the interest of your customers. Indeed, thanks to sound, images, effects and precise editing, a video tells a story and will trigger certain emotions in your viewers. This will have the definite advantage of making you stand out and being easily more memorable with your target audience. 


Making a corporate video requires many skills. With GeekWorkers, take advantage of the expertise of video production professionals. We can help you with the development of the scenario and the Goals you want to achieve. In addition, we have the best equipment and technologies for pure production, as well as for post-production. 

Corporate film formats

Depending on your activity and the message you want to convey, we are able to produce various video formats to promote communication that corresponds to your objectives, as well as to your brand image. 

Realization of corporate video film


To simply present your company, opt for institutional video and highlight your activity and your brand image. 


Promotion of a product or service, we can offer you engaging videos to meet your sales objectives. 


Nothing better than the journalistic interview of a collaborator or a client to show your expertise and arouse the curiosity of new clients!

social networks

With our partner Wemov and the Fast Content pack, offer unique content on your social networks and develop your community. 


Thanks to the best technologies, we can create the most beautiful effects for an original and dynamic video.

Image of

3D video or animated video, we have the latest software to offer you unique synthetic images, while respecting your visual identity.

Do you want to make a corporate film?

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