Design & prototyping

Website, mobile application or even intranet and extranet, the proper functioning of a web project depends above all on its web design and must focus on the user experience (UX web design). Build your prototype with GeekWorkers experts in Switzerland!

Web design and prototyping project
Web design and prototyping

Web design is the heart of your online brand and prototyping is its skeleton

Web design and prototyping

Send the right message

The web design of your web project is one of the most important elements for your brand image. Indeed, a well-crafted design will attract your target audience as well as traffic to your web product. 


Using wire frame (models), we can work on the concept you want to put forward and thus set up a prototype of your website containing all the technical characteristics to best simulate the desired final product. 


So we can define:

  • your goals 
  • your target audience 
  • the path of use 

Thus, working with a web design company like the experts at GeekWorkers will allow you to visualize your project through the development of models and a prototype, in order to realize the reality of your project, its technical feasibility and its its good ergonomics. 

Web design and prototyping with Geekworkers

To convert more visitors you need a prototype

Prototyping is the perfect way to to convince your users. Indeed, setting up a website prototype will allow you to test your project on real users by having them try it out. the navigation route and to collect their different experiences in order to bring up what works, what pleases or not.


All this to improve your project and design a product solely focused on the user experience. Thus, entrusting the development of your digital prototype by GeekWorkers experts will allow you to perform numerous tests to help you better understand the expectations of the target audience by involving them in improving the digital product.

Why work with GeekWorkers for the web design and prototype of your website?

By entrusting your web product to our developers, you will have the assurance of obtaining advice from professionals capable of setting up the necessary means to test your web concept and arrive at the desired product. 


We use the latest web design technologies, allowing us to offer you prototypes quickly. So we can carry out a user test to improve the UX design of your product. 

Design and prototyping

Do you want a digital prototype for your web project?

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