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Used by 90 % of users, Google is the leading search engine on the market. As a result, it has become essential to develop a strategy Web marketing effective in increasing its visibility on the web. In addition, Internet users being more and more picky about their search terms, it is necessary to work on its content in a very precise way.


At GeekWorkers, we offer you the services of our specialized writers in natural referencing to help you increase your visibility on the web.

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SEO web content writing for successful SEO

SEO (Searh Engine Optimization) or natural referencing, is a writing technique consisting of writing content optimized for both the user and for the Web. It is a question of working on a text so that it arouses the curiosity of the reader in order to convert him into a potential customer, but also of developing content capable of increasing the visibility of the website on search engines. 


Thus, writing SEO web content is an essential part of your web marketing strategy if you want to improve your notoriety in the digital world and achieve your business objectives. 


Writing optimized content requires going through these steps:


  • identify sound target audience
  • To define a key query and develop a lexical field around it. 

We can then determine what type of content will attract traffic to your website and deliver SEO-optimized writing containing relevant keywords to increase your visibility on search engines.


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SEO Web Content Writing Strategy with Geekworkers
SEO web content writing

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At GeekWorkers, we have all the necessary tools to offer you SEO web content quality. In addition to writing, we also know how to highlight the few subtleties that can enrich a text and improve your positioning in search results. HTML tags, crosslinking or integration of external links, we are able to provide you with complete work that will please the Google algorithm and your audience. 


And all this regardless of the content: blog articles, product sheets, advertising campaigns, etc.

In addition, we also provide you with a complete follow-up, allowing us to present you with a detailed analysis the positioning of your website and to accompany you in the evolution of your webmarketing strategy through web writing. 

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Our associated services

performance audit

We will carry out a very precise study of your target audience in order to determine what type of content will be the most relevant, but also to be able to identify the keywords that will be the most effective in improving your SEO. Thus, we will be able to put in place an effective content strategy in order to seduce your audience as well as the search engines.

web analytics

With the help of Google Analytics in particular, we will be able to refine our study to define your content marketing strategy, but also to offer you a follow-up once the content has been developed. As a result, we will be able to inform you, among other things, of the evolution of your positioning and the increase in traffic to your website.


Thanks to our team of experienced web editors, we will be able to deliver SEO-optimized multimedia content to you, in order to strengthen your positioning on search engines. Keyword study, crosslinking strategy and HTML structure, we have all the skills to allow you to generate traffic on your website and thus increase your notoriety.

email automation

To retain your audience and arouse their interest in your activity, we are also able to create your marketing campaigns with optimized emails to reach your target.

social media

Our social media experts will know how to put in place an effective strategy to boost your presence on the web, in order to achieve your business objectives and increase traffic to your website.

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