Your translation and proofreading agency in Switzerland!

Translate and correct your content with GeekWorkers in Switzerland. 

Translation and proofreading agency in Switzerland
Translation and correction of texts

The translation and correction of your texts with the experts of GeekWorkers.

Do you want to show your expertise internationally? Do you want to correct your content to convince your audience? With the editors of GeekWorkers, translate your multimedia content in three languages:


  • French
  • English
  • German


And get your content reviewed. 

Our qualified translators are able to translate your content in such a way as to reach your target outside your borders.


Website content, social networks, blog articles, product sheets or even DTP and print content, we are able to provide you with quality translations in order to interest your readers internationally by positioning you as experts in your field. 'activity.



Specialists in the subtleties of the language, our translators will be able to adapt the style of the content according to the linguistic specialties in question and thus encourage your audience to consume your content. 


Restructuring of your content and grammatical and spelling correction, we have the necessary qualities to deliver quality writing, in terms of translation and correction.

Correction and translation of text

Have your texts revised with expert content proofreaders

In addition to the translation of your texts, we also offer to correct them in order to allow you to offer qualitative content to your readers and to allow you to convince them of your expertise in your profession. Grammar, spelling and syntax, we can revise and reformulate your texts to adapt the style of your content to the expectations of your audience and thus choose the right words to arouse their curiosity. 


Thus, you will be able to offer quality content, redesigned in such a way as to facilitate the reader's understanding and thus promote good communication to be sure to convey the desired message.


Use of the latest technologies 

At GeekWorkers, we have the best software to offer you corrections and translations of your multimedia content. From a simple translation to a specialized translation in your field of activity, we can develop clear content for your audience abroad, in order to save you time on your web marketing strategy and quickly reach your readers internationally. 

Translation and proofreading, but also SEO optimization!

Regardless of your project and its size, our team of qualified translators and proofreaders work hard to deliver accessible text that meets the requirements of each language we work with. In addition, our professionals will be able to optimize SEO of your content, in order to increase traffic to your website, in French, English and German.


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