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Writing blog posts with Geekworkers
Blog Post: Content Strategy
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Blog posts: the inevitable content of your content strategy

Having a blog has almost become an essential practice for any company wishing to build customer loyalty, increase traffic to its website and thus maintain its positioning on search engines. Blog articles are part of the inevitable content to ensure your natural referencing.

At GeekWorkers, we are able to offer you various multimedia content in order to expand your web marketing strategy and thus allow you to increase your visibility on search engines. 

Take advantage of the skills of GeekWorkers editors for your blog posts and benefit from our expertise to write the best content for you.

Writing blog articles to work on your SEO and retain your audience.

Feeding a blog around your activity allows you to work natural referencing of your site and therefore not to be forgotten by the Google algorithm. Obviously, a single piece of content is not enough to maintain your referencing, Google being a very demanding search engine which requires you to work on its various multimedia supports on a regular basis in order to continue to appear among the first places in Search results. 



However, blog posts are also a real advantage to show your expertise to your audience in order to generate and maintain their interest in your business and convert them. into potential customers. Maintaining a blog regularly will show your readers that you are committed to informing them about what interests them and will allow you to retain them, and even to enlarge. the community that revolves around your business.

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Why choose GeekWorkers for writing your blog posts?

In addition to benefiting from the skills of our writers in natural referencing, our writing experts also have unparalleled editorial qualities and will be able to convey the desired message according to your goals. Thus, we are able to:

  • Study of your business and your target  
  • List of different topics to be covered corresponding to the universe of your activity. 
  • Adopt the tone that suits your target and your brand image: humorous, playful, informative and many others. 
  • Adapt article style to be developed: storytelling, informative/news, guide, comparative article, etc. 


Finally, we can also boost your SEO by defining a base keywords to respect and following the technical rules of SEO. Relevant images, titles SEO optimized, crosslinking, etc. Just as many details that will make your article unique content that will perfectly target your audience and meet Google's requirements!

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