Writing product sheets

Have your product sheets written by GeekWorkers editors in Switzerland.

Writing of product sheets by the editors of Geekworkers in Switzerland
Objective of writing product sheets

Writing product sheets, what is it?

A product sheet includes all the characteristics of the article that you sell on your online store.


  • Dimensions / size / colors / materials
  • Must help the consumer on how to use the product 
  • Gives information on delivery, price, terms of payment and return, stocks.  


In short, a good product sheet must contain all the answers to the questions that the consumer may ask before buying a product.


In addition, writing your product sheets will also help you increase your visibility on search engines. Indeed, a content worked with relevant keywords will be a real benefit for your natural reference and thus ensure the best position in the search results, and therefore to promote purchases on your online store. 


Thus, the content of a product sheet must contain the following characteristics:

  • Descriptive elements to explain the product 
  • Incentives to lead to purchase 
  • Make content concise to ensure reader comprehension 
  • Commercial and informative tone 
  • SEO optimized to ensure good SEO

Choose GeekWorkers for writing product sheets

At GeekWorkers, our editors are able to offer you Product Pages provoking the purchase and capable of favoring your natural referencing. 


In addition to offering you engaging content and working on key requests, we can also offer you SEO-optimized photo or video content, establish a crosslinking for the purpose of offering additional articles or linking to your internal pages. All this for the purpose of generate traffic on your website and increase your average basket on your e-commerce site.

Writing product sheets
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