Google Vids: AI, text, video and images for your presentations!

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Generative AI for communication

Google Vids, the new video creation application based on generative AI Gemini, arrives in June 2024 in Google Workspace. This innovation promises to transform your static presentations into captivating and interactive videos, accessible to everyone, whatever your technical level.

An all-in-one video assistant:

  • Create a storyboard from a simple text query. Say goodbye to hours spent perfecting your slides! Vids automatically generates an outline of your video, adapting to your needs and style.
  • Write an original script or use a premade template. Vids offers you a multitude of scripts suitable for different types of presentations, whether you are looking for a humorous, informative or persuasive tone.
  • Enrich your video with royalty-free or licensed images and videos. Thanks to Google search integration, find the perfect visuals to illustrate your point in just a few clicks.
  • Add a custom voiceover or choose from a selection of professional voices. Vids allows you to bring your presentation to life with a voice that matches your branding.
  • Integrate background music to create an immersive atmosphere. The tool offers you a library of royalty-free music for all tastes and styles.
  • Collaborate in real time with your teams. Invite your collaborators to comment, annotate and modify your video for optimal collective creation.

A tool integrated into the Google ecosystem:

  • Works seamlessly with Docs, Sheets and Slides. Import your existing content and enrich your presentations with dynamic data, graphs and images.
  • Easy sharing and comments. Post your video in one click to YouTube or Google Drive, and take advantage of Google collaboration tools to collect feedback from your audience.
  • Mobile version in development. Access your presentations and work on your content wherever you are, from your smartphone or tablet.
Google Vids: AI, text, video and images for your presentations! - image GeekWorkers - 1
Google Vids: AI, text, video and images for your presentations! 1

Google Vids is a new AI-powered video creation app for work that comes alongside Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

More than just a video creation tool, Google Vids is a real revolution in the world of communication:

  • Save time and efficiency. Automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters most: the content of your message.
  • Boost your audience’s engagement. Interactive and captivating presentations to capture the attention of your viewers and maximize the impact of your communication.
  • Develop your creativity. Explore new forms of video storytelling to let your imagination run wild.
  • Communicate more inclusively. Make your presentations accessible to everyone, by offering subtitled or translated versions.

In summary, Google Vids is a powerful and intuitive tool that allows any user to create professional and engaging video presentations. Its integration into the Google ecosystem and its innovative features make it a major asset for communication today and tomorrow.

Don't wait any longer and register for the Google Workspace Labs to test Google Vids as soon as it is released in June 2024!

Be at the forefront of video communication and revolutionize your presentations with Google Vids!

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