Why have a blog on your website?

Why is it important to have a blog on your website?

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Many companies feel that having a blog is not necessary on their website. Others think that a blog will only be useful for announcing new offers or explaining in detail a very specific service on their activity.

However, it turns out that creating a blog is a real added value for your content strategy. It even happens to be a very powerful marketing tool. When designed well, a blog increases its notoriety and increase traffic to its website. However, this requires compliance with a few very specific rules and above all the development of articles with high added value.

In this article, we explain how a well-executed blogging strategy proves to be an effective tool for your content marketing strategy and will allow your business to continue.

Content Marketing

The way of using the Internet has greatly evolved in recent years, and content marketing is positioned as an essential strategy to stand out. Did you know that 94 % Internet users share a blog post, because they think it will be more useful to others? It is then rather difficult to do without.

By writing quality and relevant articles for your target, a blog strategy can mark a real turning point in the development of your online business.

Content marketing, what is it?

Content marketing is a technique often used in addition to online advertising or a social media strategy. Simply put, it's about providing editorial content on topics related to your business, bringing your expertise, and at the same time providing valuable information to a very specific audience.

Content marketing with the creation of a blog has the main objective of improving the notoriety of a brand by positioning itself as an expert in its field of activity.

Why is content marketing essential?

Digital is now an integral part of our daily lives. Being aware that the web is the best way to put yourself forward, any company wishing to prosper normally has a website. And in order to hope to develop rapidly and continue to satisfy its customers, it is necessary to constantly adapt to the latest trends in order to be able to remain on the front line when an Internet user needs your services.

We are talking about blogs, but content marketing encompasses other equally relevant tools: video, e-mail, social networks or podcasts. What differentiates content marketing from traditional advertising is its ease in making any content unique. This is to offer valuable content to its customers in order to build loyalty.

How to start a content marketing strategy?

As with any other strategy, you have to take the plunge. First, ask yourself what your goals are. You will need to study your target audience in detail and think about how they would like to receive high value content. Also, what kinds of needs will you be able to meet with this content? If you realize that your target spends most of their time on social networks, it would be appropriate to invest in a suitable social media strategy.

For example, if your target audience spends most of their time on YouTube, video content marketing might be a good strategy for your business to invest in. But if that's still a bit of a blur, a blogging strategy is a great start to reaching your audience. Indeed, a blog can be very effective and dramatically boost traffic to your website.

The benefits of having a blog for your business

Now that you're convinced of the potential of content marketing, let us show you how effective a blogging strategy can be.

Increase traffic to your website

If there is one advantage that should not be overlooked, it is this one. If you do a suitable watch and you offer blog articles that correspond to the questions your audience is asking, you have won everything and your blog will be even more qualitative. Thus, it will generate a considerable number of clicks, your position in the SERPs will only be optimized and you will attract more and more Internet users to your website. Don't forget, to be visible on search engines, in addition to offering qualitative content, you must optimize your writing with relevant keywords. Then do an analysis of the terms with high search volume, which obviously correspond to the subject of your article.

Create a bond of trust with your target

If you offer quality content that addresses a problem expressed by your audience, you can establish some trust with them. You will be seen as an expert company in your field and your credibility will only be strengthened. If your users find answers, positive feelings about your brand are born in your customers and you will then see a loyal customer base forming around your business.

Thus, quality content strengthens a bond of trust between you and your readers. A well-constructed blog strategy then makes it possible to develop its brand awareness and strengthen its relationships with its Internet users. When you provide value, customers tend to build a lot of trust in your brand, and you'll see your conversion rate increase quickly.

Increase your conversions

Establishing this bond of trust is therefore a real advantage for your company. Indeed, when a customer trusts a brand, he is more inclined to give money where he thinks it is relevant. Therefore, a blog strategy is the best way to generate leads and see your conversion rate boosted considerably.

Recycle its content

Finally, having a blog also means the possibility of reusing its content endlessly. This allows you to deploy your content marketing strategy and reach a larger target using various means of communication.

See this example:

We are publishing a blog post to explain the relevance of SEA and its best practices. The traffic increases and the bounce rate gradually weakens. So why not recycle this content on another channel?

blog post

Nothing's easier ! You already master the subject, it is simply a question of adapting it to another medium. For this article, we decided to make it a post for our LinkedIn page. But we could also have made it a YouTube video as a tutorial, created an Instagram Reel or even written a white paper. A little creativity and you're done!

Recycle a blog post

Our tips for quality blog posts

Now you know why a blog is an essential practice for your marketing strategy. Don't worry, we won't leave you without giving you some advice for quality content.

1. Don't try to sell something

We insist, but a blog post should not be used to sell. Your users should not feel that you are delivering content to encourage them to buy your services or products. Moreover, if they are looking for articles, it is surely because they wish to be able to find the solution to their problem without having to spend money. By meeting their needs, you will subtly mark their minds in the long term, and that is when they will be more likely to make the purchase. 

2. Don't talk about yourself all the time.

Of course, talking about your brand is essential when you want to sell your services. However, don't make it the focus of your whole article. For example, you can talk about it to illustrate a point. This is what we have done above in this article. If you put too much emphasis on your brand in your writing, the reader can quickly become discouraged because the content does not provide answers and seems to only benefit your business. Remember, an article must meet a need, your notoriety will only be greater!

3. Simplify your remarks

If your readers have a positive experience reading your articles, they will feel directly connected to your brand. To do this, talk to them directly. Make your content easy to read and keep business language as simple as possible by giving them direct answers.

4. Create an editorial calendar.

For a successful blog strategy, you have to know how to organize yourself. An editorial calendar is then the ideal solution. It allows you to organize your content by establishing the consistency necessary for the success of your blog. Indeed, it will be easier to organize your ideas there and to have a permanent view of the deadlines to be met.

blog post writing

How to promote your blog?

You know how to build your blog, the next step is to establish a strategy to make it known to your audience. And as always, we give you our good advice.

Don't overdo it!

Start by talking about your blog on your social networks. Logically, you already have a loyal community that will relay your content more easily. However, do not force publicity and let your target come to you. Focus on the quality of your social posts and the engagement of your audience. Don't try to advertise your blog bombastic, this could put off potential prospects who will think that you are desperate to sell them something. Just make people want to read your blog. Are you a little hesitant about writing your posts? Check out our article on copywriting techniques, and you will see that with simple posts, you will have great results in the long run.

Write content that interests your readers, and the stats will follow. If you write content for the sole purpose of increasing your traffic, your target audience will not engage with you.

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Take your blog to the next level

You have a blog and you want to make it a strength of your digital strategy. Here are some tips to make your blog a powerful marketing tool for your strategy.


Natural referencing is a well-known technique for optimizing your position in search engine results. By applying this method to your blog posts, you will definitely improve your SEO organically and you will gradually get better rankings on the SERPs. Do you have doubts about SEO performance? Geekworkers enlightens you in This article!

Dress up your article with images

We have explained it to you, your article must be pleasant to read. Would you read a 3,000 word article with no graphic content to rest your gaze on? There is a good chance that this is not the case. Images, infographics or videos, add a touch of design to your content to encourage your readers to read the article to the end.

Do netlinking

Netlinking is an essential practice for natural referencing. Include links to authority sites (external links) and add links to other sources on your website. For example, put a link to one of your service pages. This reinforces your credibility with your readership, but also with Google robots who will see your content as qualitative and relevant for your Internet users.

The blog for your success

As you will have understood, a blog strategy is a considerable advantage for the development of your business. Increasing your notoriety, optimizing your conversion rate and strengthening your credibility are all success factors that a blogging strategy can offer your business.

Not sure how to set up your blog? Entrust your project to the Geekworkers experts!

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