Fix display bugs on a WordPress Elementor, WP Rocket and Imagify site

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The Challenges of Maintaining a WordPress Site

Managing a WordPress site can be complex, especially when it comes to maintenance. Various problems can arise, such as:

  • Plugin or theme malfunctions: Incompatible updates, unfixed bugs, conflicts between plugins.
  • Code errors: Accidental modifications, poorly integrated scripts, syntax errors.
  • Performance issues: Slow loading speed, high response time, excessive resource usage.
  • Security failures: WordPress core vulnerabilities, outdated plugins, SQL injection attacks.
  • Browser Compatibility: Incorrect display on some browsers or mobile devices.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the security, performance and stability of your WordPress site. However, the multitude of tasks and the diversity of technical skills required can make maintenance tedious and time-consuming.

This is where the framework comes in. By offering a structured methodology and adapted tools, it allows you to simplify and optimize the maintenance of your WordPress site.

Method to solve an image display problem with Elementor, WP Rocket and Imagify

Step 1: Analyze the problem

  • Identify the type of problem: CSS, Js, images, thumbnails, etc.
  • Locate the problem: Elementor, classic editor, custom code, etc.
  • Reproduce the issue: Test on different browsers and devices.

Step 2: Test Quick Fixes

  • Empty the cache: Elementor, browser, CDN.
  • Regenerate thumbnails: Tool integrated into WordPress, Imagify plugin.
  • Re-save the page: Elementor, classic editor.

Step 3: Explore Deeper Solutions

  • Analyze the source code: Chrome Inspector, JavaScript errors, non-compliant CSS.
  • Disable plugins: Test one by one to identify the culprit.
  • Modify the parameters: WP Rocket and Imagify.


  • Always test before deploying.
  • Use a staging environment.
  • Perform regular backups.
  • Consult the documentation and help forums.

Useful resources

Example case study: Express Recycling


Site :

The Recyclage Express case study shows how to debug an image display issue on a WordPress site using Elementor, WP Rocket and Imagify

Fix display bugs on a WordPress Elementor, WP Rocket and Imagify site - image GeekWorkers - 1
Fix display bugs on a WordPress Elementor, WP Rocket and Imagify 1 site

Approach followed

  1. Problem analysis:
    • The problem concerns displaying a thumbnail image.
    • The image is displayed correctly in the Elementor editor but not on the website.
  2. Quick solutions tested:
    • Clearing the cache did not resolve the issue.
    • Regenerating the thumbnail fixed the issue temporarily.
  3. Deeper Solutions Explored:
    • Analyzing the source code revealed an error in the picture tag.
    • Enabling the WebP option in Imagify fixed the error.


By following the methodology described and using the available resources, it is possible to resolve most bugs encountered on a WordPress site.

Do not forget : patience and perseverance are the keys to success!

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