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Notion has become a must-have for managing projects and notes, elegantly merging flexibility and power. This tool, as vast as it is versatile, can however be intimidating at first. A key to taming it? Keyboard shortcuts, especially for Windows users eager to streamline their experience. Here's your essential guide to navigating Notion with ease and efficiency.

Notion keyboard shortcut charts for Windows

Optimize Text Formatting

ActionKeyboard shortcutFunctioningTime saving
Fat**Makes the selected text bold.Avoid going through the toolbar.
Italics*Italicizes selected text.Faster than the mouse.
UnderliningCtrl+UUnderlines the selected text.A single gesture for precise shaping.
RodCtrl+Shift+SCrosses out the selected text.Perfect for completed tasks.
Left alignmentCtrl+Shift+LAligns the selected text to the left.Consistent shaping in the blink of an eye.
Center alignmentCtrl+Shift+EAligns the selected text to the center.Quick highlighting of titles.
Right alignmentCtrl+Shift+RAligns the selected text to the right.Perfect for quotes.
JustifyCtrl+Shift+JJustifies the selected text.A professional result in seconds.

Create and Edit Content with Ease

ActionKeyboard shortcutFunctioningTime saving
New blockEntranceCreates a new text block.Finish scrolling to create a new block.
Line breakShift + EnterInserts a line break in a block of text.More precise than the Enter key alone.
CommentCtrl+Shift+MAdds a comment to the current page.Effective collaboration in the blink of an eye.
SeparatorInserts a horizontal separator.Clear structure and readable in an instant.
LinkCtrl+KTransforms the selected text into a hyperlink.Significant time saving for links.
Embed code`Surrounds the selected text with backticks to format it as code.Perfect for developers.

Navigate Quickly

ActionKeyboard shortcutFunctioningTime saving
Open searchCtrl+POpens the Notion search bar.Quick access to the information you are looking for.
Previous/next pageCtrl + [or]Goes to the previous or next page.Smooth navigation between pages.
Move a blockCtrl + Shift + ArrowsMoves a selected block to a new position.Easy reorganization of content.
View an image in full screenSpaceDisplays the selected image in full screen.Optimal image viewing.

Special Orders to Collaborate and Organize

ActionKeyboard shortcutFunctioningTime saving
Mention a person@nameAttracts the attention of a workspace member.Effective and fast communication.
Mention a page@page_nameCreates a link to a page in your workspace.Simplified link sharing.
Mention a date@dateSet a due date.Easy task tracking.
Add a reminder@date reminderSets a reminder for a specific date or time.Never miss an appointment again.
Create a page from a lineCtrl+Shift+9Transforms a line of text into a new page.Instant page creation.

Tips for Maximizing Your Productivity

  • Incorporate a few shortcuts into your daily routine and gradually expand your repertoire.
  • Notion's search function is your ally in finding shortcuts tailored to your needs.
  • Explore customizing shortcuts in Notion settings for a tailored experience.

For a complete immersion in the world of Notion shortcuts, visit official documentation. This guide is your springboard: explore, adapt and master Notion at your own pace. Armed with these shortcuts, your efficiency and productivity are poised for a meteoric rise. Welcome to the era of Notion mastery.

By using Notion keyboard shortcuts, you can save time and focus on what matters: your content.

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