Website optimization
(UX Audit)

Redesign your website and its UX audit with GeekWorkers experts.

UX audit of your site

When implementing a new web marketing strategy, it is necessary to go through theauditing your website. Indeed, depending on your new objectives and the expectations of your constantly changing target, your website may no longer be optimal and no longer meets the requirements of search engines. 


Thus, it becomes essential to analyze in depth user experience (UX) offered by your site, as well as its SEO, in order to detect the flaws in your site and act to correct them. 


In addition, it is necessary to carry out a thorough audit in order to ensure that your site is well secured and appended by search engines. 

Website audit and IT security

The parameters to be taken into account for the realization of an audit

Auditing your website should not happen by chance. First of all, you need to define your digital strategy to find out why you want to redesign your site. Maintaining its e-reputation, improving UX design, ensuring its referencing or even developing new user paths, it is necessary to set very specific objectives. 

By going through this step, GeekWorkers experts will be able to work redesign of your site in depth and make sure to intensify the performance of your website. 

For this, we use the latest technologies to analyze your web data, identify malfunctions and offer you the best solutions so that the redesign of your website is optimal.

Definition of your goals

Setting up a digital strategy efficient according to your business objectives, in order to develop an optimal redesign of your site to retain your Internet users and ensure a good return on investment.

Target analysis

We will study the behavior of your target audience and precisely identify the needs of the latter, in order to improve the user experience. 

Study of Competition

We will conduct an in-depth study of your competition in order to bring up new ways of highlighting your field of activity through the user journey and then to offer you appropriate solutions.

User experience analysis

User experience (UX design) is essential for website redesign. We will analyze the different interactions on your site and can improve them in order to facilitate the journey of your Internet users and to correct your conversion rate. 

SEO analysis

We will analyze in depth your natural referencing in order to develop a new keyword strategy to optimize your positioning on search engines and thus improve traffic to your website.

Data analysis

Conversion rate, bounce rate, SEO or even acquisition channels, we will analyze essential data according to your objectives and we will be able to offer you the appropriate solutions to improve your website. 

UX audit and website redesign

Our approach

The digital experts at GeekWorkers carefully carry out theUX Audit and the redesign of your website in collaboration with your company, to align with your objectives and to ensure an optimal e-reputation. 

E-commerce site: creation of model and prototype

To analyse

We first carry out the various studies mentioned above, in order to clarify a web marketing strategy and the appropriate solutions.

E-commerce website: CMS integration


We proceed to redesigning your site with our best developers trained in the latest web development technologies.

Launch of the e-commerce site


Then, we put your site online, making sure that everything works, but also checking that your website is good. secure and indexed by search engines.

E-commerce site: management, monitoring and reports


We accompany you for possible updates, but also to provide you with analyzes on the improvement performs of your site.

Do you want to redesign your website?


Does your website have a low conversion rate? You are not an expert in the field, and you have trouble knowing why, or how to fix it? The UX audit is one of the practices that can help you, because its role is to analyze in depth the user experience of your interface to meet the expectations of your users, search engines and so on as much as possible. increase your conversion rate.

Do you manage to convert your customers easily with your website? Have you achieved your goals? If the answer is no, it may be because your site does not offer an optimal user experience and it is time for an audit! Regarding the budget for the redesign of your site, we adapt our recommendations according to the maximum budget available to you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential if you want to be recognized by search engines and obtain good positioning. To do this, our web agency conducts in-depth keyword research and writes SEO-optimized content, whether for landing pages, blog articles, product sheets, or to improve your meta tags and urls.

Thanks to tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console, Geekworkers will be able to send you performance reports following the analysis of this data. Also, our experts will be able to draw up a list of recommendations for you according to the evolution of your website traffic in order to maintain your positioning on search engines and continuously improve the user experience. As a result, you will always have a high-performance website that will ensure a high conversion rate.

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