Digitization: is it important for SMEs?

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In recent years, digitization has been at the heart of entrepreneurs' concerns. For some leaders, it has even become essential. Indeed, more and more companies are starting to allocate a budget for their digitalization. But in fact, what is it exactly? Is it really important for an SME? Where to start ?

Digitalization: what exactly is it?

To put it simply, digitization is a continuation of the evolution of technology. You may have noticed that everything is happening on the Internet now. Digitization is therefore this road that you must take to keep up with technological advances in the world.

As we live in the digital age, emails have replaced letters, we are starting to turn more to e-commerce sites, payments are made with mobile applications, etc. Most importantly, almost every business today has a website and / or at least one social media page.

Note that most large groups in Switzerland are already digital. However, this process does not yet appeal to all SMEs. For example, the average digitization or digitization rate of SMEs - VSEs is 2.05 % in Switzerland. However, it should be noted that the evolution of IT and digital technology has transformed customer behavior.

As a business leader, you must therefore anticipate this development and this change in behavior. Your customers or your customers' customers all use social networks or Google. Therefore, not taking a digital strategy into consideration can be very risky in the medium term. The current Coronavirus crisis is an example where the most digitalized companies have been the most resilient. Who knows ? You could set yourself apart from the competition with your strategy. Digitalization agencies like Geek workers can help you establish the best digitalization strategy.

By the way, test your digital maturity level with our tool. We then offer you solutions and recommendations. 

The impact of digitalization on your business

Now let's see why you should go for digitalization. First, your brand image will improve if you are visible on the Internet. This leads to an improvement in the notoriety of your brand. Suddenly, the number of prospects will logically increase which will lead to an improvement in the conversion rate. If you don't understand any of these marketing terms, here's a simple and straightforward explanation: Your revenue will increase.

Mobile applications can boost the productivity of your employees. You can develop for example a mobile application for the management of supporting documents for accounting or simply use an existing solution. The processing time of files will thus decrease by 2 to 3 times. Indeed, the digitalization of administrative management is advantageous, because you will have plenty of time to take care of other more important tasks to run your business.
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Many managers also think that the price of digitization is very high for their SME. This is normal, the prices offered by agencies in Switzerland are very high. On the other hand, in order to help you, Geek Workers offers its 360 ° services to a a price adapted to the local market.

Digitization offers a significant return on investment. Today, software can facilitate or take over the entire processing of tasks performed by your employees. It is also an effective way to motivate them. And as you know, a motivated employee is more productive. An increase in productivity has an impact on the performance of your establishment.

Digitization is also about optimizing your website so that it is attractive and well referenced. The goal is to generate leads, then sales using digital tools. How do you go about finding information in 2020? Most likely Google, that's why your website is so important. It reflects your image and your values. A poorly designed and badly referenced website simply scares customers away. Thanks to Geekwokers, surround yourself with experts and generate more sales!

Start now!

Define a strategy

After testing your digitization level, start by defining your strategy with specialists. This step is essential if you want your digitalization to bear fruit. Know that the first meeting with GeekWorkers digitalization experts is completely FREE.


More precisely in this step, you must first define your positioning, your level of digitalization, the products you will need, your type of clientele, etc. This requires careful study. Thus, it is advisable to opt for the services of a specialized agency.


GeekWorkers is also a team of Business Analysts who will be able to advise you to do more with less. Our only success is the success of our customers.

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Build your budget

After knowing the strategy to be deployed, define the budget you want to allocate to your digitalization. For example, click here to know the budget corresponding to the creation of a website. You can see that the price is vastly high compared to the price offered by GeekWorkers.

Take care of your image on social networks

Creating social media accounts is a task you can do. However, with regard to the content to be published, it is recommended to call on professionals. Indeed, the quality of your content, images or videos reflects the image of your company.

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Who to call?

The choice of a digitalization consulting agency is not to be made at random, whether for the creation of websites or the development of a mobile application.


Start looking for active agencies in your area. Being accompanied by a local agency is important for the personal monitoring of your project and the guarantee of achieving the objectives. You could also benefit from close monitoring. Then make price comparisons based on the budget you've already worked out. Currently, the price on the market is 90 to 200 CHF / h, which is obviously high for SMEs. The solution ? GeekWorkers is here to help you succeed at a reasonable price.


After choosing the agency, learn about its achievements to check the quality of its services. Finally, make an appointment with the managers of the agency to discuss your project and your strategy.

You now know the importance of digitalization for your business. We gave you the advice to choose the right agency. So what are you waiting for to get started now?

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