Outsourcing: 5 best practices to absolutely follow!

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In the current environment, entrepreneurs have very little time to follow the trend. Outsourcing is the solution to this problem. It allows you to acquire the skills needed in record time to remain number one in an increasingly evolving market. As an entrepreneur, it's not always easy to hand over some of your responsibilities to an outsourcing agency. However, this loss of control will be compensated by real benefits: a professional at your disposal, without you having to think about the costs related to recruitment or employer charges. How to succeed in outsourcing? Here are five best practices for successful outsourcing.

Define the profile sought

A outsourcing agency helps you increase your productivity. To do this, define the profile you are looking for. Outsourcing is particularly suitable if you have a project that requires a sharp technical profile. This is the case with most IT development projects. The advantage is to work instantly and in a sustainable way with professionals, without going through the recruitment and training boxes which can be time consuming and very expensive.

Outsourcing allows you to delegate part of your activities so that you can focus on your core business, which you know how to do. Currently, everything can be outsourced: administrative services, human resources, customer relations, IT projects, digital marketing. As an entrepreneur, you do not necessarily have all the skills necessary to develop your business and acquire new markets. You can access it by outsourcing a function of your business.

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Define the specifications

The specifications put your needs on paper. This document will specify the nature of the assignment, the duration and the objectives to be achieved in order to avoid any misunderstanding. The more specific you are in your needs, the better your provider will be able to meet them. This document will make it easier for you to put the various providers in competition.

The specifications stipulate in particular:

  • the objectives and purpose of the project,
  • technical constraints, 
  • the stakeholders as well as the responsibilities and missions of each stakeholder,
  • special requirements, 
  • expected deliverables


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Use the agile method

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The agile method, which differs from the traditional method of Taylorism, finds its origin in IT projects. This method promotes collaboration between the multidisciplinary teams in charge of the project and the client. The objectives are responsiveness and flexibility. The heaviness of traditional methods using cascade development is not adequate for digital projects. As these projects are very scalable, they require adaptation and continuous improvement. From the outset, make sure that your partner uses the agile method to ensure the smooth running of your project. Likewise, at your level, to ensure a good working relationship, rely on the fundamentals of agile management by considering your agency as your partner.

Use collaborative tools

The agile method emphasizes collaboration. Your agency will work with you on a regular basis to ensure your satisfaction. To facilitate communication, there are now project management software and collaborative tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana. These software provide a global overview of the progress of your project. The advantage is that you can access it at any time and without any formalities. Our agency helps you install these software.

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Choose a trusted partner

For a successful outsourcing, choosing a trusted partner is crucial. You entrust part of your mission to an external structure, so take the time to compare the offers. Do not hesitate to question the service providers to get an idea of their responsiveness. The price is obviously a significant criterion, but the quality of the work and the feeling with your partner are also to be considered since you will have to cooperate regularly.

More than an outsourcing agency, Geekworkers is positioned as a trusted partner to support you in your digital projects. We provide you with a single point of contact as well as a multidisciplinary, professional and qualified team. Our agency relies on proximity and transparency to achieve your goals. In the digital domain, Geekworkers stands out for its outsourcing packs to support the digital transformation of Startups, VSEs and SMEs. The expertise of our agency assures you a satisfactory result from the first months.

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