Outsourcing: solution to boost your business

Since the 1990s, more than 300 start-ups and young technology companies have sprung up each year in Switzerland. Currently, this sector is considered the most promising. Standing out from the competition has therefore become a battle not to be taken lightly for entrepreneurs. All means are good to succeed. Outsourcing is one of them.
But why outsource its IT developments? What are the advantages for start-ups? How to choose your provider? … In this article, we share with you the secrets to boosting your business through IT outsourcing.

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Outsourcing: for whom?

Many entrepreneurs are asking this question. To put it simply, outsourcing is initially ideal for almost any young tech company that has not yet validated their MVP.

There are also small businesses that want to launch a digital project on a limited budget. Outsourcing allows these companies to achieve a POC (Proof of Concept). The idea here is to validate the feasibility of the project. Moreover, this step is necessary for all types of IT projects.

Finally, large companies also opt for subcontracting. Note that some large international groups delegate all or part of their IT project for strategic reasons: optimization of development costs, production acceleration in order to stay ahead of the competition, Research & Development, etc.

The advantages of IT outsourcing

IT development outsourcing is beneficial for those who know how to take advantage of it. The first significant advantage is the cost. You know that the internal recruitment process is long. You should find a talent who has the hard and soft skills corresponding to your project. In addition, the salary of a developer is very expensive, especially in Europe.

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Subcontracting has therefore become the practical solution to optimize the cost of launching a start-up. You don't spend your time on a low-value task like recruiting. You also don't have to worry about payroll taxes, paid vacation, sick leave, etc.

Competence is another reason why start-ups trust outsourcing agencies. Indeed, agencies master almost all the technologies necessary for the development of all types of digital projects. In IT, experience always makes the difference. A Swiss outsourcing agency will be able to suggest you on efficient methodology to make your idea a reality.

The success of a software, website, platform or mobile application creation project also depends on the speed of your launch process. Speed up your launch thanks to a partnership with a Swiss outsourcing agency. You can focus on the business side or other more strategic task while the provider is doing development.

How to choose a competent outsourcing agency in Switzerland?

The choice of an outsourcing agency is not made at random. Several points should be taken into account. The first selection criterion is the location of the agency. It is always better to opt for an agency located near your workplace. Getting support from a local agency allows you to have real visibility on the progress of the project.

Then learn about the agency's expertise and especially what technologies it masters. You need to make sure that the skills of the agency are sufficient for your project. If you do not have extensive technical knowledge, pay particular attention to the proposals of each service provider before choosing.

The reputation of the agency completes these two criteria. Indeed, it is the easiest way to get an idea on professionalism and efficiency of the provider. You can ask for customer references and get in touch with them for advice.

Finally, the last criterion that could help you is the price. Make comparisons based on your budget. More specifically, you need to compare the services offered to you versus the amount you will be willing to invest.
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Why choose Geek Workers as a provider?

Geek Workers is a digitalization and outsourcing consulting agency based in Epalinges. We have developed a concept that helps young technology companies. We are different from other outsourcing agencies based in Switzerland in that we offer a adapted pricing and reasonable regardless of the type of project.
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Geek Workers is also composed of a multidisciplinary team to boost the activity of a company. We have skills in various fields:

In short, Geek workers could become your best ally if you have an idea to realize. Contact us for a first free consultation meeting!
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