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Geekworkers offers a complete range of web services, from the creation of tailor-made websites through the optimization of natural referencing (SEO) and your advertising campaigns (SEA) to the creation of content (images, texts and videos). ). We also manage your social networks and simplify the management of your business with AI, automation, CRM and ERP deployment. Our goal is to (1) maximize your online presence, (2) to attract and convert your prospects into customers and (3) to build customer loyalty through a tailor-made digital strategy.
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Our 3 Pillars

& Visibility

#Branding #Graphics #Print #Web #Mobile

We optimize your identity and online visibility.

To improve your image, we design personalized sites and mobile applications, develop professional branding and create unique logos to distinguish you from the competition.

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& Conversion

#Google Ads #Meta Business #UX #UI #SEO #SEA

We attract and transform your prospects into customers.

We attract qualified prospects and convert them into customers through our targeted advertising campaigns (SEA) on Google Ads and social networks. We also optimize your natural referencing (SEO) and the user experience of your sites and applications (UX/UI) thanks to our designers and copywriters.

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Commitment &

#Social Media #Content Marketing #ACustomer Reviews

We build loyalty and engage your community.

We manage your social networks, encourage positive reviews and develop your newsletters to maintain connection with your audience. Our strategic approach to image, video and editorial content strengthens your online presence.

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For SMEs French-speaking ambitious 🚀

Save time 🕰️ to focus on your strategy 📈

Optimization &

#IA #Workflow #API #Scraping #ERP #CRM #CMS

We automate and optimize your internal processes.

We simplify the management of your business with automation, data scraping and artificial intelligence. We deploy your ERP and CRM to simplify the administration of your business.

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The Geekworkers method
That works !

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“Thanks to Geekworkers, we have become leaders in our sector in Lausanne in less than 3 years. ”

From 0 to 1 million turnover/year
in less than 3 years

Express Recycling generates more than 1 million turnover annual and employs more than 10 employees and has its own fleet of vehicles.

Thanks to Geekworkers, the company became leader in the storage and second-hand market with the project Recycling Market in less than 3 years.

👉 Recycling-Express.ch

👉 Recycling-Market.ch

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Your Web, SEO, Design & Marketing agency in Lausanne

Our web agency based in Lausanne accompanies the SMEs, entrepreneurs and large companies in Switzerland by creating your websites, mobile applications, marketing campaigns, SEO strategies and content for social networks.

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Thomas okoro

Chief Geek

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Clovis Genevard

Geek Consultant

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John Claude


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Esteem Okoro

geek master

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