Outsourcing in Swiss

Outsourcing is an ideal solution to boost the activity of a company. It improves the productivity of your company from 40 to 80 TP2T. Indeed, outsourcing frees you from repetitive tasks with low added value. This will allow you to focus on more strategic missions. Apart from the strategic aspect, outsourcing is also a perfect ally for optimizing IT development costs.

GeekWorkers is an outsourcing agency that has developed a concept to help young technology companies and start-ups with limited budgets. Our transparent prices will allow you to validate your MVP, speed up the launch of your digital project, carry out a POC (Proof of Concept) or strengthen your Research & Development department.

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how it works
at GeekWorkers?


Our packs

We offer 3 monthly support packages. These packs are specially designed for young technology companies, start-ups and SMEs. Our outsourcing agency aims to participate in the growth of companies that trust us.

Our packs allow you to hire our Geek at a single monthly rate within your budget. The Workers have varied and complementary skills to carry out all your projects, whether in terms of IT development, marketing or design.


500 CHF / month

~ from 2:00 a.m./week


2000 CHF/ month

~ from 10:00 a.m./week


4000 CHF/ month

~ from 8 p.m./week

How to subscribe to our packs?

GeekWorkers is an outsourcing agency specializing in tailor-made with a limited budget. Choose from our service packages and contact us to choose the best option over a period of at least 6 months. You can also make an appointment with one of our experts to find the optimal outsourcing strategy for your business. Please note that our first counseling appointments are always free.

We then analyze your request and make a detailed quote. The difference of GeekWorkers compared to the competition? Transparency ! Being aware of the difficulty encountered by start-ups, we are committed to providing our services at a fair and transparent price.

Test the pack of your choice for 1 month at the price of 60 CHF/h

(We deduct the difference from the hourly rate in the event of an extension beyond 6 months)

what our geekworkers can do

Administrative and accounting tasks


Design & Marketing