OIDALIS: a social media strategy and the redesign of a website to serve the transmission of knowledge

Develop a digital strategy to serve the transmission of knowledge with the redesign of a website and a relevant social media strategy

Do you want to grow a high-value project, but your marketing strategy is not optimal? Do you want to engage a loyal community around your project to strengthen its impact? 

Find out how Geekworkers has enabled Oidalis to position itself as the pioneer in professional initiation for young people thanks to an adapted digital strategy. 

Oidalis is an organization whose primary vocation is to support young people in their quest for professional orientation. Through workshops and educational events, it tends to help younger generations to become involved in the professional world by providing them with advice and feedback from passionate entrepreneurs. Located in the canton of Vaud and close to more than a hundred schools, Oidalis has worked tirelessly to build a network of professionals whose primary passion is transmission to young people, with the aim of giving them a taste for entrepreneurship. 

And since Geekworkers shares the same values of transmitting knowledge, it was then obvious for our web agency to work with an organization like Oidalis and help it in its digital deployment.  

Social media and website strategy:

Geekworkers worked on a well-constructed digital strategy in accordance with the client's request.

UX audit and SEO study of the website to identify the changes needed to be made for a responsive site. The goal? Seduce both users and search engines. Our web agency notably used tools such as Google Search Console to study the performance of the website and its position on search engines. We also looked closely at what improvements were needed to improve theUX design. In addition, it was necessary to control the security or check the consistency of the elements of the site. Thus, Geekworkers was able to draw up a precise list of recommendations to improve the Oidalis site and allow the organization to increase its visibility, its traffic and therefore its notoriety on the SERPs.

Redesign of the website: following the defined improvements, Geekworkers set about making the necessary changes to the website. In addition, our agency has also built a relevant SEO strategy to guarantee a good positioning of the site on search engines. Choice of keywords, netlinking and optimization of HTML tags, everything has been reviewed to improve natural referencing.

Social media strategy : our web agency then subsequently established a social media strategy to engage a loyal community around the Oidalis project. Visual identity, creation of an editorial calendar, design and writing of posts and community management as a whole, Geekworkers has done everything possible to strengthen Oidalis' online presence. Thus, the image of the organization has been strengthened and its e-reputation has increased significantly.

Goals :

  • Gain visibility with an adapted digital strategy to increase the notoriety of Oidalis on the web. 
  • Develop a loyal and committed community around the organization's project to make it grow and allow it to multiply projects.

What Oidalis offers:

  • Workshops and workshops: Oidalis sets up many workshops for young people who wish to discover the professional world. The organization makes them meet entrepreneurs and business leaders to allow them to explore various trades and find their orientation.
  • Educational events and competitions: to encourage students to undertake and develop their skills, Oidalis has created multiple events challenging young people to come up with innovative projects. All this framed by passionate entrepreneurs.

So if you want to consolidate your presence on the web and develop a solid e-reputation, contact Geekworkers!

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Develop a digital strategy to serve the transmission of knowledge with the redesign of a website and a relevant social media strategy You want to grow a project with strong...

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