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The adventure of Express Recycling is an inspiring story of transformation and innovation initiated by the Founders of Geekworkers. Starting from a simple idea in Bussigny, this start-up quickly climbed the ladder to become a major player in the recycling sector in less than 2 years. This stunning success was propelled by the strategic collaboration with Geekworkers, leveraging their VAE methodology (Visibility, Acquisition, Engagement) to revolutionize the digital presence of Recyclage Express.

The VAE Method: A Triptych of Success

Identity and Visibility

  • Creation of a strong visual identity : Geekworkers has developed a brand image reflecting the ecological values of Recyclage Express, guaranteeing a significant presence on the market.
  • Development of a high-performance website : Using WordPress, Elementor, and WP Rocket, the team created a conversion-optimized website, supported by an intuitive design made with figma.
  • Design and Printing of Marketing Materials : Business cards and flyers designed by Geekworkers via Can go notably served as tangible supports to expand brand awareness. The design of these materials, in harmony with the visual identity of the website, helped create a coherent and memorable brand experience.

Acquisition and SEO

  • SEO optimization : Using Rank Math and Semrush, Geekworkers ensured optimal natural referencing, placing Recyclage Express at the top of Google search results.
  • Google Ads campaigns : Targeted campaigns and specific landing pages were designed, monitored and optimized with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  • Content Strategy and Blogging : With a focus on relevant and engaging blog posts, Geekworkers helped build Recyclage Express' online presence, while informing and educating customers on the importance of recycling and sustainability.
  • Synergy with Backlink Sites : Establishing links with relevant sites, including Recycling-Market.ch, made it possible to create a beneficial synergy. This strategy not only strengthened organic SEO, but also expanded the reach of Recyclage Express to a wider audience.

Engagement and Presence on Social Networks

  • Social media strategy : The online presence of Recyclage Express has been boosted on Facebook and Instagram, thanks to advertising campaigns managed via Meta Business Suite.
  • Collection of Reviews and Feedback : Encourage customers to leave reviews on Google My Business has become a key strategy for Recyclage Express. These reviews, actively collected, not only improved the credibility and reputation of the company online, but also provided valuable insights to continue improving services.

Process Optimization & Automation

  • Management tools and automation : The implementation of Google Workspace transformed the management of Recyclage Express operations, maximizing efficiency and automation.
  • Outsourced secretarial services : To concentrate Recyclage Express on its main activity, Geekworkers provided a remote secretariat to manage the administrative and accounting aspects on Bexio.
  • Strengthening Customer Service and Remote Relations : The implementation of a customer call management system via Google Voice and CRM with Notion allowed Recyclage Express to offer an improved customer experience.

A model of success?

The collaboration with Geekworkers has led Recyclage Express not only to overcome the challenges of the health crisis, but also to surpass competitors established for decades. This success is the result of a well-designed digital strategy, innovation, and agile implementation, demonstrating the effectiveness of Geekworkers VAE method initiated by Thomas Okoro and Esteem Okoro. Recyclage Express is now a shining example of the power of digitalization in modern commerce, setting a new standard in the recycling industry.

Express Recycling 🔗


  • Ridding : we come to your home to take away your bulky items and find something to give them a second life. Simple furniture or more important storage, everything is taken care of according to demand.
  • Transportation : the moving-express.ch service provides specialists in the transport of heavy objects, a truck and a driver, with vehicles running on natural gas. It also offers moving services for individuals and professionals.
  • Cleaning : Recyclage Express has a team of professionals, to clean your premises or your place of life after a clearance service, transport, after handing over the keys, following an event, etc.
  • Recycling : we collect your waste from your home or business and we take care of finding the best way to recycle it. With recycle-market.ch, we take care of upcycling your bulky items by reselling them on the second-hand market.

Ecological Commitment and Customer Service

Aware of the environmental consequences, Recyclage Express invites its customers to consider the ecological impact of incineration of objects and offers an advantageous alternative, where the value of the recovered objects is deducted from the cost of clearance services.

A Dedicated and Multidisciplinary Team

Behind these initiatives, a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, made up of Jérome, Thomas and Esteem, works with passion to offer the best customer service, committing to responding to needs and questions as quickly as possible.

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“Thanks to Geekworkers, we have become leaders in our sector in Lausanne in less than 3 years. ”

From 0 to 1 million turnover/year
in less than 3 years

Express Recycling generates more than 1 million turnover annual and employs more than 10 employees and has its own fleet of vehicles.

Thanks to Geekworkers, the company became leader in the storage and second-hand market with the project Recycling Market in less than 3 years.

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