RECYCLAGE-EXPRESS: become number 1 in less than 2 years thanks to digital

How to become number 1 in less than 2 years thanks to digital?

Express Recycling is a company based in Bussigny in the canton of Vaud which has joined forces with Geekworkers and has become a leader in its sector in less than 2 years thanks to the web. The project was born from a simple observation: access to recycling centers is not easy for everyone. How did this start-up start from nothing become a leader in the sector in less than 2 years? It's simple, I invite you to type the word “junk room” on Google and you will quickly understand why. Finding customers is the main problem for more than 66% companies. This is only part of the problem, because in a competitive market, retaining customers and ensuring optimal service does not happen by itself. Here is an overview of what a 360 degree support by Geekworkers can bring you. 

Digital as a main strategy

  1. Visual identity : we have developed a whole brand image by trying to stick as well as possible to the world of recycling and ecology in order to be able to stand out on the market. The brand is what will have the most value in your business if you manage to make it grow. 
  2. Website design: an website is something alive, Geekworkers has designed the structure of the site with the aim of maximizing conversion. We talk about conversion when a person performs a desired action such as filling out a form. First, a modeling phase was carried out. This first step helps to reduce the risk of error and to obtain a qualitative final rendering more quickly and at a lower cost. Providing a unique user experience that achieved a significantly higher than average conversion rate was the goal that was successfully achieved. Our agency specializing in custom website creation will know how to make the difference compared to your competitors.
  3. We have also established an SEO strategy and designed a cobweb site that includes a hundred SEO-optimized pages. www.recyclage-express.ch is the site of its category that attracts the most traffic in natural reference. This results in a large number of quote requests each day. We did not stop there, since we also set up an advertising campaign on Google.
  4. Setting up a Google Ads campaign:  As a Google expert, we have set up several campaigns with different “landing pages” depending on the requests. Over time, we optimized the campaign and identified the keywords with the most potential. That is to say, those that are not expensive, but generate a lot of requests. This allowed the company to climb to first place quickly and to double the number of requests on the site. Our advertising agency specializing in Google campaigns can help you quickly acquire new customers on the internet.
  5. Implementation of an information system & an outsourced secretariat : How to manage a growing business in all its aspects? You should know that technological management tools, or ERP, are available in cloud version. This means they can be administered from anywhere. How to manage the flow of information from field teams, customers, administration, advertising campaigns and sales? Geekworkers has the solution, rather the solutions! For example, by setting up systems like Bexio or by designing applications for the management of expenses and hours for all employees. Designing dashboards that allow the manager to support their decision is essential if you want to grow your business. It was also necessary to create the entire administration system in order to automate processes and create a real competitive advantage by gaining in efficiency. On top of that, our digital agency provides a remote secretary which allows you to manage your mailbox, your accounting or your administrative management in order to be able to offer a 5-star service to your customers. Focus on what really matters with Geekworkers: growing your business.
  6. Implementation of a social media strategy : it was also obvious to impose the presence of Recyclage Express on social networks to attract more visitors to the website and acquire more notoriety. After establishing a publication schedule, our community management experts automatically schedule your publications at the best times and interact with your community. 


There is no secret, it is only by investing in digital that it is possible to experience such rapid growth. You should know that Recyclage-Express has overtaken in less than 3 years players established for more than 10 years thanks to the power of the Web. 

So why not you ? 

Express Recycling Services:

here are the four simple services of Recyclage Express. 

  • Ridding : we come to your home to take away your bulky items and find something to give them a second life. Simple furniture or more important storage, everything is taken care of according to demand. 
  • Transportation : the moving-express.ch service provides specialists in the transport of heavy objects, a truck and a driver, with vehicles running on natural gas. It also offers moving services for individuals and professionals. 
  • Cleaning : Recyclage Express has a team of professionals, to clean your premises or your place of life after a clearance service, transport, after handing over the keys, following an event, etc.
  • Recycling : we collect your waste from your home or your company and we take care of finding the best way to recover it. With recycling-market.ch, we take care of upgrading your bulky items by reselling them on the second-hand market. 

Thanks to these services, we are entering into an important ecological approach by allowing you to participate in the sorting and recovery of your waste, and all this at a low price!

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Express Recycling

How to become number 1 in less than 2 years thanks to digital? Recyclage Express is a company based in Bussigny in the canton of Vaud which has joined forces with...

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