The redesign of the website of a Lausanne law firm

The redesign of a website to improve the user experience and develop its clientele

Is your website not converting as much as you want? Do you have the feeling that it does not sufficiently represent your brand image? So, it’s time to redesign your website! This is why bourg8.ch contacted us. The company needed a site redesign to improve its brand image and user experience.

The law office Bourg8.ch contacted us for a complete redesign of their website. The goal was to improve their brand image while providing a better user experience.

Geekworkers, expert in WordPress site development, was the ideal company to help them with this project.

Our Redesign Strategy

Website analysis

First, our web agency analyzed the performance and position of the website on the search engine with Google Search Console. Subsequently, we used methods such as A/B testing to test different designs that would be more attractive to visitors while improving their experience of using Bourg8 products or services; We made sure all images were categorized correctly so that there were no misplaced files (which could cause errors). Finally, our Geeks provided detailed recommendations on how best to improve their site, from fixing broken links to web standards to updating the site design.

Redesign of the website

To improve navigation, we developed the site using responsive design so that it can adapt to all screen sizes. This allows Bourg8 to offer a browsing experience pleasant, whether visitors access the site on their smartphone or tablet!

Our characteristic: to simplify things by making everything accessible without there being any barriers with our customers; Even though the task may seem difficult at first glance, we train them! Thus, Bourg8 benefited from adapted tutorials to enable it to be 100 % autonomous in handling and managing the website.


At Geekworkers, we empower our clients to manage their website and content themselves. We provide them with tutorials for site management, as well as support during strategic sessions if necessary. Thus, Bourg8 had all the keys in hand to make possible modifications.


Bourg8 Study of lawyers is a firm specializing in advice and assistance to individuals and businesses in the field of law. The company strives to support its clients in the best way to defend their interests in the event of a legal conflict. While guaranteeing absolute respect for professional secrecy. The objective of this company, like all those in the legal field, is to strive for excellence by offering personalized service while guaranteeing the confidentiality of your secrets.

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