Tipi Pajama Party: Gain notoriety through community management

Gain notoriety through community management

Does your company not federate as much as you would like? You do not have the skills to deploy your online presence? Do you want to improve the visibility of your website and develop an impactful social media strategy?

Watch how Geekworkers managed to get a business off the ground thanks to community management and an adjusted digital strategy.

Tipi Pajama Party is an event company that offers a unique concept: renting hand-sewn indoor tents or tipis so that you can offer an unforgettable experience to your guests or your children. Aware that the organization of events can be a headache, our client wanted to offer complete formulas for exceptional parties, and all this at your place! Regardless of the theme and type of event, Tipi Pajama Party adapts to your request for an exceptional moment.

Strategy :

Our web agency has undertaken a well-defined strategy according to the request of Tipi Pajama Party.

UX audit of the internal sitet: Geekworkers conducted a background study regarding the user experience on the site, its ergonomics and its performance. Consistency of the elements, analysis of the security of the site, study of its appearance on the SERPs or even examination of the navigation, everything has been studied. Thus, we were able to establish a precise diagnosis of the site, give our recommendations and advice, then establish a precise marketing strategy to improve the website.

SEO optimization : to ensure the visibility and notoriety of the website, our web agency has created a natural referencing strategy adapted to the Tipi Pajama Party target. As a result, our experts have made sure to work on the textual content with relevant keywords, internal linking and especially HTML tags. The objective is to increase traffic, improve the positioning of the site on search engines and optimize the conversion rate.

Google Ads campaigns : to improve the positioning of Tipi Pajama Party, Geekworkers experts have also set up sponsored campaigns on Google. Indeed, to hope for quick results, it was wiser to opt for this method in addition to natural referencing. Choice of relevant keywords and parameter settings, our professionals have developed campaigns adapted to the target and the needs of the company. And all this according to the budget we had available.

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Instagram Audit : Tipi Pajama Party also asked that our web agency give its best recommendations to optimize its social media strategy. Thus, Geekworkers undertook an Instagram audit. We then analyzed the performance and data of the account or checked the consistency of the content. Our web agency was then able to draw up a list of improvements to be made to ensure the company's e-reputation.

Community Management : Geekworkers then took over the management of Tipi Pajama Party's social networks. The first step was to refine the visual identity of the company to strengthen its credibility and improve its brand image. Then, it was agreed to establish a very precise editorial calendar and to carry out a search for hashtags in coherence with the field of activity of the company. Then, we went through the tasks of creating content and visuals, publishing posts, stories and also leading the community. Just as many steps that today make it possible to federate a community around Tipi Pajama Party and therefore to increase customer commitment to the brand.

Goals :

  • Propose relevant recommendations according to the needs expressed

  • Building a unique visual identity

  • Build a community on social networks

  • Improve the online visibility of the brand with a dedicated marketing strategy

Geekworkers has therefore created a real digital strategy adapted to the needs of Tipi Pajama Party, which today allows the company to grow more quickly and develop its notoriety.

Do you also want to make yourself known on the web with a solid marketing strategy? Do you want to entrust the community management of your social networks to the pros? Wait no more and contact Geekworkers !

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Gain notoriety thanks to community management Your company does not federate as much as you wish? You do not have the skills to deploy your online presence?...

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