Parental Recess

The creation of a directory and a personalized 100 % video library

The digital lever to put a TV show dedicated to parenting in the spotlight

La Récré Parentale, an organization dedicated to raising awareness on issues of parenthood, sought to amplify its impact in French-speaking Switzerland. With the imminent launch of its Tv programme, the association aimed to strengthen its online presence. To do this, it teamed up with Geekworkers, an expert in digital solutions, to design a website effective and lead a strategy of social media dynamic.

The objectives of the Parental Recreation project

  1. Deploy an effective SEO strategy through the development of a website that will allow you to acquire natural traffic.
  2. Boost the visibility of the association on digital
  3. Lead an active strategy on social media which will develop the association's notoriety, build a community and create a link with it.

Implementation of the digital strategy

SEO Audit with Semrush and Rank Math:

  • Comprehensive analysis to identify relevant keywords.
  • Updated guidance on best practices SEO for rapid indexing by search engines.

Design and Prototyping with Figma and Loom

  • The use of figma for the design and prototyping of the site, ensuring a precise and user-oriented design.
  • Interactive presentation of models with Loom for clear communication with the La Récré Parentale team.

Creation of the Website with WordPress and Elementor

  • The use of WordPress for flexible and customizable content management.
  • Intuitive visual design with Elementor for an engaging user experience.
  • Optimization of site performance with WP-Rocket and Imagine for fast loading and better conversion.
  • Securing the site with Wordfence and WP Armor for optimal protection against spam and online threats.

Social Media Strategy with Meta and Instagram

  • Development of a complete strategy on Facebook and Instagram to reach and engage the parenting community.
  • Creation of captivating and interactive visual content to drive engagement.

Tracking and Analysis with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

  • Real-time monitoring of site performance and social media campaigns.
  • Data analysis to adjust and optimize digital marketing strategy.

Support and Training

  • Tailor-made tutorials and training sessions to enable La Récré Parentale to effectively manage their online presence.
  • Constant support from the team Geekworkers for the animation of the community and the achievement of the set objectives.


The collaboration between La Récré Parentale and Geekworkers resulted in the creation of a efficient website and a strategy of effective social media, helping the organization to become a reference in the field of parenthood in French-speaking Switzerland. Advanced technologies and personalized digital strategies have allowed La Récré Parentale to effectively connect with its target audience, while strengthening its online reputation and increasing its community engagement.


The partnership with Geekworkers allowed La Récré Parentale to transform its traditional approach into an innovative digital strategy, demonstrating the effectiveness and necessity of a well-designed and managed online presence for modern organizations.

Parental Recess

La Récré Parentale is an organization that aims to raise awareness among the Swiss population about parenting issues. Parents are always looking for help and information. But with all the resources available, it can be difficult to know where to look. This is why La Récré Parentale sifts through hundreds of associations and only offers you the best services. Simply ask any question and the professionals will answer it during the Récré Parentale TV show.

The aim of the association is to guarantee the protection of children thanks to the power of information to parents.

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