La Récré Parentale: becoming a reference in French-speaking Switzerland thanks to digital technology

A digital strategy to boost its visibility and increase its notoriety

Do you believe in your project and want to become a reference in your field in French-speaking Switzerland, but you don't know how to go about it?

It's hard to know where to start when it comes to getting the word out about your organization. You can spend hours online trying to learn the intricacies of digital with no guarantee of the outcome. However, you can work with an experienced team that knows the terrain.

This is exactly what La Récré Parentale has decided! On the eve of the launch of its TV show, Récré Parentale wanted to strengthen its online presence. Geekworkers was the perfect partner to help the organization deliver a high quality website and conduct an effective social media strategy.

The objectives of the Récré Parentale project:

  1. Deploy an effective SEO strategy through the development of a website that will acquire natural traffic.
  2. Boost the visibility of the association on digital
  3. Carry out an active social media strategy that will help develop the association's reputation, build a community and create a link with it.

Implementation of the digital strategy

SEO Audit:

An SEO audit is the essential phase to reveal the potential of a website! Through our comprehensive analysis, we identify keywords to craft content that will improve the overall SEO strategy. In addition, La Récré Parentale obtains up-to-date advice on good practices to have so that search engines can browse their site like lightning.

Creation of the website:

At Geekworkers, we're taking a smarter approach to web design. We use strong mockups and data analytics to ensure each site is optimized for maximum conversion. With this in mind, our goal was simple: to provide an exceptional user experience that would result in above-average conversions on the La Récré Parentale project. And with a tight deadline, it was time for creativity to meet technology.

Social media strategy:

Geekworkers helped La Récré Parentale take their online presence to the next level. We have developed a complete social media strategy, including the creation of visuals and content to capture the target's attention. The goal is to never miss an opportunity to interact with parents and involve them in this important project, thus strengthening its online reputation. All this in order to arouse passion around the Récré Parentale project.

Accompaniement :

Geekworkers is committed to ensuring its clients have the best strategy and knowledge they need. We provide them with easy-to-follow tutorials, as well as all the support they may need during their strategic sessions, so that La Récré Parentale can make each change with confidence. In addition, our community management experts support the organization in the animation of its community to help it achieve its objectives and become a reference in French-speaking Switzerland.

Parental Recess

La Récré Parentale is an organization that aims to raise awareness among the Swiss population about parenting issues. Parents are always looking for help and information. But with all the resources available, it can be hard to know where to look. This is why La Récré Parentale sifts through hundreds of associations and only offers you the best services. Simply ask any question and the professionals will answer it during the Récré Parentale TV show.

The aim of the association is to guarantee the protection of children thanks to the power of information to parents.

Parental Recess

A digital strategy to boost its visibility and increase its notoriety Do you believe in your project and want to become a reference in your field in French-speaking Switzerland, but you...

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