Why develop a mobile application for your business?

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According to statistics, Switzerland is one of the countries where the use of a smartphone is anchored in habits. In fact, in 2018, 92 % of adults owned a smartphone. This trend has become a norm, so much so that today everything is just a click away. More and more companies are developing a mobile application to follow this evolution and be closer to their customers. In view of these figures, m-commerce has a promising future and it is not surprising that the development of mobile applications is so much on the rise.

The mobile application, is it essential?

Several companies have started mobile application development both internally and externally, according to their specific needs. Internally, this solution generally optimizes processes while externally, it facilitates customer follow-up and after-sales service. In short, saving time, centralizing information and flexibility are the main advantages. For example, it is possible to centralize all the documents relating to invoicing on the app so that all the services concerned can be found there more easily. 
Using a dedicated application, you can also remind your client of an appointment using a push notification or communicate directly through your application.

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This proximity, without being intrusive, gives more comfort to the customer and forges a long-term privileged relationship that promotes your discussions. The mobile application therefore relies on the user experience, a criterion that has become essential to retain an increasingly demanding clientele. A successful customer is more likely to buy and come back… with other customers.

What if I already have a responsive site, is the app useful?

The development of mobile applications requires a significant budget. Therefore, it is legitimate to wonder if this investment is really worth it. A simple responsive site can perfectly meet your current needs. But an application brings more user-friendliness and a personalized relationship with your core target. In fact, before moving on to the application development project, it is necessary to define its objectives and functionalities. As each company is unique, a preliminary study is necessary to define the problems encountered by the customers which can be solved by an app.

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Indeed, although the mobile application is essential to maintain competitiveness, creating an app just to follow the market trend often ends badly if the latter has not been studied. In addition, you must plan a marketing strategy for the marketing of your app so that your target can join. In the development phase, let us not overlook the fact that in Switzerland the Apple brand is the leader in the smartphone market. Our digitization experts support you throughout the implementation of your mobile application, from its beginnings to its finalization. We help you define your needs to offer a personalized solution and we study the figures to assess the impacts of an app dedicated to your business.

To conclude, the mobile application is a major asset for developing your business. It allows you to be closer to your target and facilitate exchanges via a dedicated platform. It also improves the relationship of trust with your customers through personalization and has a direct impact on your brand image. However, developing a mobile application requires technical mastery. A preliminary study is also necessary so that it can answer the problems encountered by the users and thus be profitable. Do not hesitate to call on a specialist to help you in your process.

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