Rates and payment

Yes we are the cheapest! Our goal: our services must be accessible to everyone. All our services are billed at CHF 49.90 per hour excluding VAT, with the exception of digitalization consulting billed at CHF 69.90/h excluding VAT.. Whatever your budget, we will adapt. A project can also have set-up costs which generally depend on the precision of the specifications. GeekWorkers guarantees you the lowest prices in Switzerland while delivering quality service. All our services are adapted to your needs. Regarding payment, we invoice the working hours monthly at the start of the following month with details of the tasks performed each day.

Website and E-commerce quote

In Switzerland, the quotes to create a tailor-made Internet showcase site start at 3500 CHF. At the house of GeekWorkers it costs between 750 CHF and 3500 CHF for a personalized 100% showcase site. The price varies depending on the degree of maturity (if you know exactly what you want), the size of the site, the number of pages and the features. The more elements you provide us (design, content, functionality), the less your website will cost. With regard to the creation of an online store, in Switzerland it is necessary to count between 6500 up to more than 100 000 CHF. GeekWorkers creates your complete e-shop for a price ranging from 3500 to 15,000 CHF.

website quote
Website showcase (1 page): to be visible on the internet and to be contacted From CHF750
Website showcase pro (2-6 pages): perfect for standing out online From CHF3500
SME (6-12 pages): to launch your business and find new customers From CHF6500
Corporate (12-24 pages): to unlock your potential and grow your business From CHF12,000
Shop (1-20 products): to get started in e-commerce From CHF3500
Pro E-commerce (20-100 products): for a demanding tailor-made store From CHF9,500
Complex website tailor-made Contact Us
website quote

Prices Mobile Application and PWA

In Switzerland, developing a custom application costs between 20,000 CHF and several hundred thousand francs. At GeekWorkers, a mobile application or PWA costs between 8,500 CHF and tens of thousands of francs. A cabin does not cost the same as a building.

Simple mobil App (1-8 pages) compatible with Android and iOS with design and functionality provided From CHF9500
Mobil App (8-16 pages) with design and features tailor-made From CHF25,000
Complexe mobil App with design and functionality tailor-made From CHF35,000

Prices graphic, design and video

At GeekWorkers, the creation, retouching or vectorization of a logo costs between 150 and 650 francs, a flyer between 350 and 750 francs, the design of your site between 500 and 1000 francs and the creation of a short animated video costs between 350 and 1500 francs.

Graphics, video and design
Logo retouching or vectorization From CHF150
Logo design From CHF450
Business card design From CHF350
Flyers & Affiche From CHF350
Mock-up of a page for your website or your mobile application From CHF150
Short and simple animated video (< 30 seconds) From CHF950
Long animation video (> 30 seconds) From CHF1500
Business management on Smartphone thanks to the dashboard

SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Pricing

We define together your optimal monthly budget that you want to invest in advertising. Our goal is to optimize your return on investment for a minimum budget. A credit card is required in order to benefit from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other services.

Managing your page (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) From CHF380/month
Marketing campaign and content creation (Google Ads and Facebook) From CHF380/month
Creation of a professional blog post of 500-1200 words (0.4 CHF/word) From CHF200

Hosting and web services prices

Transparency is one of our most important values. At GeekWorkers you can choose to entrust us with the hosting, management and maintenance of your site or application or we deliver your website to the host of your choice. Either way, you are in control. We charge for our services separately. We will provide you with all the supporting documents (hosting costs, subscription to a web service, G suite, etc.).

Pricing and Payment - image GeekWorkers - 5
Domain Name
From CHF 15 per year
Hosting, maintenance, outsourcing and updates for your WordPress site From 59 CHF/month
Deployment of Google's G-Suite or Office 365 From CHF800


How does the payment work ?

Budget or project?

Tell us about your project and we will define a budget.

We work

Our geeks are working for you and we're counting their hours

Payment by deliverable or monthly?

In general, we invoice our services monthly based on actual working hours.


Take advantage of a tailor-made monthly package with the services you need. At GeekWorkers, your prosperity is our mission.