Infomaniak: VPS at advantageous prices and peak performance for your cloud projects

By Geekworkers
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As a major digital player in Switzerland, Infomaniak once again asserts itself as a defender of digital sovereignty with the launch of its new cloud products.

Geekworkers welcomes this initiative and wishes to highlight the major advantages of this unique offer which is perfectly in line with the desire to reduce our dependence on the American cloud giants (GAFAM).

Why choose the new Infomaniak cloud products?

1. Great prices and unparalleled flexibility

Infomaniak offers its Linux/Windows VPS from CHF 3.00 per month, allowing you to start your cloud project calmly without worrying about exorbitant fees. In addition, the flexibility of the offer allows you to upgrade your server according to your needs, increasing its resources at any time.

2. Top-of-the-range performance, reliability and safety

Enjoy a high performance cloud infrastructure for smooth execution of your applications and websites. The security of your data is also at the heart of Infomaniak's priorities, with robust firewall and DDoS protection for complete peace of mind.

3. Respect for privacy and commitment to ethics

Infomaniak is an independent Swiss company that places respect for privacy and ethics at the heart of its values. By choosing Infomaniak, you have the assurance that your data is protected and processed in compliance with Swiss and European regulations.

4. Hosted in Switzerland for minimal latency and optimal compliance

Hosting your data in Switzerland guarantees minimum latency for your users and allows you to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

5. A wide range of products to meet all your needs

In addition to its new VPS, Infomaniak offers a complete range of cloud solutions, web hosting, messaging and domain names, allowing you to centralize your digital needs with a single trusted player.

Infomaniak: much more than just a cloud provider

By opting for Infomaniak cloud solutions, you are choosing to support a committed Swiss company in the defense of digital sovereignty and your data. You also contribute to a internet more respectful of privacy and ethics.

To discover Infomaniak’s new cloud products in more detail and take the step towards increased digital sovereignty, go to: INFOMANIAK

Together, let's make Switzerland a leader in digital sovereignty!

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